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Welcome to iHandymanHub, the premier platform for connecting skilled tradesmen and handymen with businesses and homeowners in need of their services. We are thrilled to offer a community where expertise meets convenience. Below, you will find a comprehensive overview of our membership fees and costs.

Membership Fees – It is Free ($0)

At iHandymanHub, we believe in creating value for our
members without the burden of upfront costs. Therefore, joining our platform is completely free of charge, for both
tradesmen and service requestors, whether you’re a business or a homeowner. We
aim to foster a thriving community where opportunities are accessible to
everyone, without any barriers to entry.

Become a part of the iHandymanHub community with ease. Our streamlined registration process is designed to get you started quickly and efficiently. Here’s how to join:

How to Register or Join Now

Select Your Preferred Sign-In Method:  Click any of the blue highlights below to select and sign in to become a member.

By choosing to sign in with Google or Facebook, you’ll enjoy a seamless integration that simplifies your experience and enhances your security.

With these straightforward social media sign-in options, you can bypass the traditional registration process and jump straight into accessing all the benefits iHandymanHub has to offer.

Commission on Services Rendered (10% on Invoiced Amounts)

While membership and access to the platform are free, iHandymanHub sustains its operations and services through a commission model. **A 10% commission is applied to all invoiced amounts for services rendered by tradesmen and handymen.** This commission is only charged when you successfully secure a job through the platform and is automatically deducted from the service provider’s invoiced amount payable. This ensures that our interests are aligned with yours – we only succeed when you do. By becoming a member and a provider of services using the iHandymanHub marketplace you agree to this commission pricing arrangement.

The commission covers:

– Access to a wide range of job leads

– Use of the iHandymanHub platform for communication and management of tasks

– Continuous improvements and updates to the platform

– Customer support and dispute resolution services

This 10% commission is the sole charge associated with using iHandymanHub for tradesmen and handymen, ensuring transparency and simplicity in how we operate.

No Charges for Service Requestors ($0)

Businesses and homeowners looking to hire tradesmen or handymen through iHandymanHub will not incur any charges for using the platform and its related services. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right professional for your needs, without any additional costs.

Whether you’re looking to fix a leak, remodel your kitchen, or undertake a significant renovation, iHandymanHub connects you with the expertise you need, free of charge.


iHandymanHub is committed to providing a platform that benefits both service professionals and those in need of their services. By eliminating membership fees and focusing on a straightforward commission model, we ensure that our community remains vibrant, accessible, and focused on quality and reliability.

Membership or Joining Fee = $0

Commission = 10% charged on invoiced amounts

Join us today and be part of a network where skilled tradesmen and homeowners/businesses come together to create beautiful, functional, and improved spaces.

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